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A Romantic City of Culture, Food, and Beauty

Known for its energy, street art, and proximity to many Caribbean islands, Cartagena de Indias is one of the most visited in South America. Located on Colombia's northern coast and protected by ancient stone walls, the beautiful prehistoric port city of Cartagena is almost entirely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. 

Founded in 1533, the eclectic, colorful city combines old world charm with modern, contemporary living. Cartagena has come a long way since its dark and turbulent past. Now home to a growing economy, the Caribbean capital is full of amazing culture and is one of the safest big cities in Colombia, in addition to being the fifth largest. With a thriving port fueling trade, the city abounds with both visiting tourists and business men and women. 

This beautiful historic city boasts impressive colonial architecture, a rich history, a vibrant culture, and a beautiful landscape. Today, Cartagena is considered the safest metropolis in Colombia and of the BEST spots for tourism in South America!

Caribbean's Hidden Gem

Cartagena is rich with history that spans four centuries. Its incredible food, unique culture, cool neighborhoods, colorful architecture, and beautiful beaches makes Cartagena a must visit destination on the Caribbean coast. 

Reasons to visit this amazing city:

  • The History

  • The Food

  • The Culture

  • The Beaches

  • The Neighborhoods

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